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SEO has become one of the most important aspects to make your website / social media pages, channels, accounts. visible and understandable by robots that are called crawlers  of search engines. which will benefit these pages to be searchable by your audience. 

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simply, a sitemap is a file is manly written in XML (eXtensible Markup Language). which is provided to give all the information needed about your websites: pages, images, videos, documents, ...etc as URLs defining each one of them and the relationship between these URLs.

if you havent ever created / generated a sitemap file check out this article to do a necessary step in this tutorial and create your websites sitemap.

Google, without a doubt, has become the most popular search engine nowadays. but therefore other search engines such as yahoo, bing,, duckduckgo, and other search engines. are independent search engines and need you to provide your XML sitemaps and define your website as well. the very first step after creating your website site map. is to upload it to search engines. 

in this tutorial; you will learn how to add your website to popular search engines and provide them with the current sitemap.


  1. Log in to google search console
  2. in the top left corner you will find a drop down list menu containing all your websites ( properties )
  3. if your cant see your website as a property, you definitely need to add it
google search console interface highlighting add property button

choose the accessable method to prove that you own a domain name ( ), we would prefer to DNS Domain verification because it will verify the main domain and all subdomains beneath it such as ( blog, admin, m, languages ). therefore the other method works just fine if you only have access to the hosted files of your website.

choose Domain if you want to DNS verify your domain and involve all sub domains / or choose URL prefix to host verify your domain (required for all other sub domains)


a. DNS verification:

google will require to add a new TXT record to your DNS records. after adding it to your DNS correctly click on verify button and wait until its verified ( sometimes DNS verification requires a lot of time regarding that a DNS change might take sometime. as it also might need 24 hours to do re-verification if the first verification didnt work out perfectly )


b. HOST verification:

download the .html file that is needed to be uploaded to the root directory of your website ( the directory that contains index.html, index.php ) and upload it to your root directory. after the successful uploading. click on verify and wait until its verified ( this step will not take time )

After verifying that you own the domain. all you need to do now is to go sitemaps tab and provide the URL of your sitemap. 
best practice is to upload the file sitemap.xml to the same root directory and that would make the URL ( )

if you have submitted successfully the site map you should see a success label under status of sitemap. other wise do what is required to change the failed status to success ( check the URL provided if you have missed spelling or something )

give Google some time ( a day or so ) to crawl your website. before seeing the overviews of search.


2. &

  1. Sign in to Bing Webmaster
  2. after signing in , you are going to choose if you would rather add the site under your bing account or you might skip the next step by importing your site from google search console (important: this step might require your google account sign in)

provide bing with URL of your site. in a while you will be able to see a form to fill with all your data. make sure that you provide all the correct information needed in all the form inputs. if you might use place holders to shorten time. your website might end up in the spams trash can.

bing website sitemap submission form

follow verification steps or just try the new beta site importing. you just need to give authentication to bing to access your search console on google account. and vualah , the website sitemap will be pending. please recheck after a week or something.

3. has currently stopped people and corporate from submitting sitemaps and urls.

4. DuckDuckGo

Currently, this search engine does not require its users to submit sitemaps and will automatically index your website after it has been indexed to google webmaster and bing webmaster.

after all is done, make sure to daily, weekly, monthly edit your sitemap and provide that information to search engines to force crawlers visit your website on that basis.


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